Right of reply – “Abramovich’s Quinta do Lago mansion in new ‘scandal’”

“Abramovich’s Quinta do Lago mansion in new ‘scandal’” – published on May 22, 2022

“Roman Abramovich thwarted in bid to sell €10 million Quinta do Lago property” – published on May 14, 2022

1. It was published in the newspaper “Portugal Resident”, on May 22, 2022, an article entitled “Abramovich’s Quinta do Lago mansion in new ‘scandal’“, by journalist Natasha Donn, preceded by article of the same journalist published in the same newspaper on May 14, 2022, “Roman Abramovich thwarted in bid to sell €10 million Quinta do Lago property“.

  1. The facts reported in both articles are false, starting with the title, and seriously affect the right to good name to credit for them, so that its rectification is required immediately. Moreover, the contradictory duty to which journalists are linked has not been fulfilled, and they have not been contacted by them until today.


  1. The house referred to in the news and situated in Quinta do Lago, does not belong, nor never belonged to the Russian citizen Roman Abramovich, person which David and Deborah Dalzell are not acquainted and have no relationship


  1. The house referred to in the news is registered on behalf of the company called MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC, of which are sole shareholders and since the constitution of the same in 2017 and to this day, David and Deborah Dalzell.


  1. Neither MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC nor David and Deborah Dalzell have or have ever had any direct or indirect relationship, of any kind, with the Russian citizen Roman Abramovich or with any company thereof.


  1. MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC, owned by David and Deborah Dalzell, acquired in 2017 the plot of land in Quinta do Lago and there he builds a villa, which he did with money and effort of his. They never intended to sell it and it was absurd that they wanted to buy what was already theirs.


  1. References to information provided by Caixa Geral de Depósitos result from the article which, in addition to being erroneous, because neither those targeted nor their property have anything to do with Roman Abramovich or his companies, constitute a violation of bank secrecy.


  1. As well, the references made in the article to the balances and movements of the targeted in accounts based on EuroBic, also constitute violation of bank secrecy and without realizing the interest of the disclosure of such data. The targeted David and Deborah Dalzell are successful entrepreneurs in the UK as any internet search reveals, and the balances they may have on this or that personal account are irrelevant.


  1. It is also not true that David William Dalzell did not provide any document proving the corporate structure of his company – MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC – because, as stated in the article itself, he provided access to the Central Register of the Beneficial Owner, whose managing entity is the Institute of Records and Notary, depending on the Ministry of To date, no authority has called into question the public and official register of which William David Dalzell and Deborah Louise Dalzell are the sole partners of MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC.


  1. It is apparent from the article that Caixa Geral de Depósitos gave the alert to the Financial Information Unit of the Judicial Police. Caixa Geral de Depósitos, instead of asking William Dalzell for more information or responding to the loan request made by William Dalzell, wanted to launch an alert confusing the name of MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC with companies with the same name referred to in the article (MILHOUSE LLC and MILHOUSE CAPITAL) and with flagrant violation of bank secrecy to make confidential information


  1. The Financial Information Unit of the Judicial Police, in turn, only on the basis of “indications” resulting from misinformation of the bank, without further investigation or contact with those targeted, couple Dalzell, was convinced of the (actually non-existent) involvement of Roman Arkiedyeviech Abramovich.


  1. Although the Portuguese Foreign Minister has publicly expressed doubts about the property belonging to Abramovich, it has been decided to freeze The doubts were expressed in statements made at the exit of the NATO Summit in Berlin with the official stating that it was decided “on the basis of a strong conviction, which is not yet a full confirmation”. These statements were made on 14 May 2022, but the freeze order was recorded and registered on 25 March 2022.


  1. Two months after the “alert” was issued and almost two months after registration at the Land Registry Office, the authorities continue without “full confirmation” and without contacting the target David and Deborah Dalzell.


  1. David and Deborah Dalzell have already contacted the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Financial Information Unit of the Judicial Police and Banco de Portugal, offering to provide statements and provide documents that fully confirm that they are the sole partners of MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC and by that way the sole owners of the Quinta do Lago house, and that there is no relationship with Abramovich. To date there has been no response from the


  1. The situation created and in particular in the news published by the media, disclosing the freezing order and the suspicions (which are not certain) that were at the base of them has caused and continue to cause great inconvenience and suffering to David and Deborah Dalzell, also affecting their good name, and good reputation, in Portugal and abroad as well as their business since they are successful entrepreneurs in the UK.


  1. MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC requested Habitation Licence upon completion of construction and the Municipality of Loulé has already made the subsequent mandatory final Therefore, MILHOUSE VIEWS LLC is now waiting that the Municipality issues the requested Licence.


  1. David and Deborah Dalzell will react via court against the freezing order of their property, against the freezing of the bank account and against the smear campaign based on unverified assumptions, as well as arising from violation of bank secrecy and/or possible secrecy of justice, as a way to present the truth and be compensated for all losses suffered. However, the truth of the facts must be restated publicly for what contributes to the publication of this text in the context of the exercise of the right of reply and rectification.