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Ridiculous trends making their  way back to the high street

By LIZ GRIFFITHS [email protected]

Liz Griffiths recently moved to the Algarve, after finishing her degree in Journalism and Editorial Design in the UK. She joined the Algarve Resident to assist the editorial team. Her main passions are fashion, travel and vinho verde!

Shoulder pads are this season’s hottest trend… who would have thought it? Back from the elaborate and outlandish decade of fashion nightmares that was the 1980s, the shoulder pad has made a mighty return.

The term “shoulder pads” maybe stirs up images in your mind of Joan Collins in Dynasty, or your head mistress in a navy suit jacket with the spongy pads wedged in at the shoulder.

But now Victoria Beckham and the fashion pack have given the trend their seal of approval by showcasing the must-have “big shoulder” look at the recent Fashion Week events and the red carpet.

This time round, however, the must-have shoulder is venturing away from the Dynasty look and more into a space-age feel with pointy capped sleeves as seen at Herve Leger and Christopher Kane.

This look was first worn back in 2008 by Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, who is always a step ahead of the trends. She attended the annual Costume Institute Gala in New York in a very mocked space-age get up with very elaborate shoulders.

Voluminous sleeves are adding to the shoulder being the fashion’s focus this season, which merges together the 80s and the Victorian age. 

We all know that the fashion industry tends to recycle old trends with a modern twist but why do trends that are once ridiculed make their way back into the spotlight?

In a list of the top 10 fashion faux pas compiled by the BBC What to Wear magazine, five of the disgraced fashion items have become recent fashion trends.

In at number six were shoulder pads while leggings, which have made a triumphant return to the fashion forefront, came in at number three.

Leggings have been back in fashion for a couple of years now. The latest style is the “tregging” which are trousers that have all the physical properties of leggings – in other words – extremely tight trousers. Unless of you have a body to rival Elle McPherson or are a keen exhibitionist, the “tregging” should be worn in the same style as the legging, with dresses and tunics that cover

the bottom.

Top of the list was the dreaded shell suits which were a hit in the late 80s and early 90s until they thankfully died a death and have never returned to the catwalks.

The dreaded stonewash ripped jeans, which were a favourite of Kylie Minogue’s back in the Neighbours’ years, also made it back on the fashion radar this summer. The more ripped the better.

Another item on the list was the jumpsuit, which was also cited as being a must-have in your wardrobe this summer. The jumpsuit, made famous in the 1970s by stars such as Jerry Hall and Grace Jones, and its shorter sister the “playsuit” became increasingly popular over the summer months and seemed to be the new versatile choice for partygoers or a casual day in the sun. 

The modern take on the jumpsuit seemed to put old favourite, the dress, look out of date.

So how do trends that are once labelled as being fashion faux pas eventually become recycled to become the “in” thing again?

Nowadays, if an item such as the harem trouser (I don’t know why a woman would want to look like she is wearing a nappy) is labelled as being trendy and Sarah Jessica Parker is seen wearing them, then it seems all is forgotten about the past, the fashion world and the following public welcomes the trend with open arms.

Watch this space, any day now Victoria Beckham will be seen out and about in shades, a shell suit and heels…