Ridiculous regulations for dog walking

Dear Editor

It was with great sadness that I read your story about the deaths caused by dog mauling in this week’s paper. Sadness of course for the victims and their families, but also for the animals involved.

I was brought up in a home with dogs and I was told frequently that there is no such thing as a bad animal, just bad owners. The story in the paper was a lesson to those who choose to read and accept that they have to make an effort if they are to be good animal owners.

However, I was frustrated to read that as a dog owner I am expected to carry my dog’s papers with me when out with the dog. I will soon need a small attaché case to take the dog out for a walk. What with the pooper-scooper, the polythene bag, my papers, my phone (just in case) and now Bob’s accoutrements. Seriously let’s get real here – give people a week to take their papers to the local GNR station, but don’t dish out a fine of €120 for a first time ‘offence’, as happened to someone I heard of this week.

So back to the animals. The Algarve Resident has done a great deal to assist in the re-homing of abandoned animals – particularly the dogs. A friend told me recently that a number of dogs were abandoned at Fatacil during the annual fair this year. I am sure we are not surprised with so many families finding it difficult enough to feed themselves, never mind pets. So Algarve Resident thank you and keep up the good work. I, for one, think you get a pretty good balance between charity for humans and charity for our four-legged friends.

Now where did I put Bob’s papers?

Jean Brand

By email