Ridiculous Development Proposal for Praia Grande

Dear Editor,

Local residents of all nationalities in the central Algarve have been outraged by the new development proposal for Salgados and the petition has already gathered signatures in great numbers.

The lagoon and associated wetland area, together with its wonderful and varied bird population is an enormous long-term ecological and tourist asset to the Algarve.

Short-term thinking by greedy local council officials who are chasing the “quick development buck” has already blighted parts of the Algarve’s superb coastline.

This particular area is already way over-developed with ugly part-finished apartment and hotel blocks. It is about time the local population screamed “Stop, we have had enough. Leave our countryside alone!”

The consequences of this development are far more important long term for the region than the tolls on the A22. The Algarve Resident would do us all a great service by leading the fight against this ridiculous proposal.