Ride of the Kings

news: Ride of the Kings

NOW IN its 29th year, the national endurance equestrian Ride of the Kings was a two-day event held recently at Barroca d’Alva, near Alcochete, south of the River Tejo. The Resident went along to report on the race.

On the first day’s 80km ride, 14 riders and horses competed in a test of horsemanship. Each horse was examined at various checkpoints along the way by a vet who checked heart rate, mucus membrane, metabolic state and lameness. The race was won by José Pedro, from the Alentejo, on ‘Coroa Valadas’, with 4hrs 3mins and 34 seconds, at an average speed of 20.50kph.

The second day saw a similar race, with 24 entrants. It was a 40km race, with speed restrictions and veterinary checkpoints. There were penalty points for riders exceeding the 16kph speed restriction. The winner was João Susano on ‘Infante’, with 2hrs 37mins and 49seconds and an average speed of 15.82kph. Four horses were withdrawn from this race for health reasons.

The ride was well organised by Sr. José Lupi and his staff at the Equestrian Centre in Barroca d’Alva. Bob Hughes