Ricardo Salgado when still at the helm of BES

Ricardo Salgado – former head of BES – condemned to six years jail for abuse of confidence

Another condemnation – this time for jail time – but former ‘boss-of-all-this’ at BES Ricardo Salgado won’t be seeing the inside of a prison cell yet, if ever. The reason being the 77-year-old former banker with a charge sheet of crimes against him ‘as long as your arm’ is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and in the eyes of his defence team, there would be absolutely no point punishing him with jail in such a state of physical and mental fragility. The sentence anyway is open to appeal, which is almost certainly what will happen next. This particular condemnation is from the wider ‘Marquês’ case of alleged institutional corruption – and has nothing to do with the BES case, in which Mr Salgado faces 65 alleged crimes (click here).