RIAS calls for help to “save baby wild animals”

Olhão wildlife rehabilitation centre RIAS has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help it care for the baby birds and mammals that usually enter its care in the spring and summer months.

Among RIAS’s list of frequent ‘patients’ are birds such as sparrows, owls and storks as well as hedgehogs, genets and otters.

“In the case of the birds, most of them fall from their nests while trying to fly for the first time,” the rehabilitation centre says.

“Our job is to take on the role of their patents by feeding them until all their feathers grow and allowing them to practice flying.”

Meanwhile, baby mammals are sometimes found “skinny and debilitated” at an age when they cannot yet fend for themselves.

“In these cases, their recovery is also based around feeding them adequately and, whenever possible, having them socialise with other members of their species. In the case of newborns, they require constant attention, which includes special care during the day and at night.”

But with all these responsibilities come costs.

“Money to care for these baby animals was always raised at our visitor reception centre. In 2020, due to the pandemic, the donations reduced drastically,” RIAS explained.

As we went to press, RIAS had already raised €2,130 of its €3,200 goal.

Visit https://ppl.pt/causas/rias to read more or make a donation.