RIAS 2017: Two animals returned to wild per day

RIAS, the Olhão-based centre for the recovery and investigation of wild animals, had a busy year in 2017, having taken in 1,749 animals and returned “two of them to the wild per day” on average.

Seagulls, owls, storks, hedgehogs, baby swallows, blackbirds and sparrows were among the ‘patients’ treated at RIAS last year.

Birds of prey and even a baby otter “that is still being treated” were other animals taken in by RIAS, which says the year was a “success” despite the fact that 222 of the animals that arrived at the centre were already dead.

RIAS explains that most animals arrive at the centre after falling from nests, becoming ill or sustaining injuries. The authorities also hand over animals that have been confiscated from people illegally keeping them.

The centre also carried out 104 environmental education initiatives in 2017 that involved nearly 3,600 people.

RIAS is managed by the ALDEIA association since 2009, alongside the institute of nature and forest conservation (ICNF) and ANA Airports through Faro Airport.

Only five people work at RIAS, which survives on the “help of volunteers and donations from individuals and companies”.

For more information about RIAS and its needs, contact:

927659313 | [email protected]

Bank transfers can also be made to: IBAN PT50003505550004877083028

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