Ria Formosa’s “demolition man” exposed for acting “without informing the government”

Observador website has revealed today (Friday) that Ria Formosa “demolition man” Sebastião Teixeira has been “acting without informing the government”.

The locally-reviled head of the Algarve’s environmental authority and president of Polis Litoral Ria Formosa – the authority spearheading the destruction of fishing communities on Culatra island – sent letters out to householders telling them their homes were to be seized before he communicated this decision to the Minister for the Environment.

At the time Teixeira was ‘putting pen to paper’, minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes was actually saying in parliament that no decisions had been made.

This is the second time real pressure seems to be bearing down on Teixeira.

Faro town council passed a motion calling for his “immediate removal” from Polis Litoral over a year ago (click here).

It was a motion proposed by PS members who suggested Teixeira had “taken the exercising of his public competences to a point at which he had lost all support of those involved, being universally loathed by everyone affected by his official actions”.

Now, the Algarve’s PCP MP Paulo Sá says it is time for Teixeira to face “the necessary consequences” if it can indeed be proved that he has yet again acted without due authority.

Observador seems to suggest he has.

Under the headline: “Polis director sent demolition letters without advising the minister”, Observador carries a bizarre quote from Teixeira in which he told them: “I remember speaking to the minister after sunset”.

The inference here is that during the day when the minister was telling to parliament that no decisions had yet been taken, Teixeira was indeed taking them.

“If this is the case”, Paulo Sá has told Observador, then “the government should sack Sebastião Teixeira for having acted on his own”.

Sá has already told PS leaders that his party cannot support them in the planned programme of demolitions.

The Os Verdes (Greens) are also lining up for a fight, preparing a ‘legislative initiative” to stop bulldozers so that time can be given to hearing local associations and homeowners’ points of view.

In fact, the situation has become so complicated that even after a submission to a parliamentary commission yesterday, SOS Ria Formosa – the pressure group fighting for islanders’ continued presence within the threatened nuclei of Hangares and Farol – was unsure what lay ahead.

Vowing to fight for their homes to the end – as they always have – the group will be visited by Bloco de Esquerda MP João Vasconcelos and other MPs tomorrow (Saturday), as parish council leader Feliciano Júlio has explained: “We are consulting lawyers, and we will be organising protests”.