Ria Formosa islanders “prepare for war”

Ria Formosa islanders are preparing for war this week as the demolition threat to their beloved homes is once again on the agenda.

In a rabble rousing Facebook entry, the SOS Ria Formosa page warns that letters announcing the seizure of houses will start arriving from Thursday (March 17).

All efforts this far to secure a way of life that islanders have known for generations seem to have fallen by the wayside, campaigner Vanessa Morgado told us.

“It is now so clear there are enormous economic interests powering these demolitions.

“Every single avenue we have tried is failing. Politicians who before the elections supported us are now in power and suddenly seem to have conveniently forgotten.

“Judges who supported our embargoes are now letting them fall.

“We are up against a political and judicial mafia that seem to be prepared to use every trick in the book to steal our lives.”

The worse of the situation, explains one of the many people outraged on the Facebook page, is that an issue that “should be national” remains confined to a “few islanders and some Algarvians”.

Thus the determination – once more – to project this story to a different level.

With the reasons given for demolishing hundreds of homes ever-changing (initially interventions were given as “in the interests of the environment”, then they became “because the islands should be enjoyed by everyone, not just a few”), islanders are praying for a miracle.

“We are up against a deaf, dumb and blind State and hidden powers,” said Vanessa. “We have to shout loud.”

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