Reynolds Arinto

The name Reynolds is synonymous with high-quality winemaking in the Alentejo. In fact, they have been winegrowers in the region since 1850. Most renowned of their wines is the venerable Mouchão, but Julian Reynolds, of the fifth generation of the family since they came to Portugal, started producing wine around 18 years ago and has forged his own reputation as one of the top-quality producers in the region.

Much like the Mouchão winery, Julian’s premium wines rely mostly on the red pulped Alicante Bouschet grape, but he also grows other varieties at his vineyard in the north east of the Alentejo where the microclimate is influenced by the São Mamede hills.

I last wrote about his rosé earlier this year, a wine that bucks the trend of most of the pale pink rosés on the market; a dry wine that is fuller in body, darker in colour and richer in flavour than most. In fact, full and bold flavours are something of a trait amongst the wines made by Julian Reynolds.

This white made from the Arinto grape is a good example – on offer this week at Apolónia priced at €14.99, down to €11.19 until October 29. The trademark freshness of the Arinto grape is evident on the nose with notes of citric fruits and pineapple, rounded in the mouth with good volume and well-balanced acidity.

By Patrick Stuart
[email protected]