Revive your wardrobe

IN SPRING last year, we covered the opening of a nearly new women’s fashion boutique in Almancil called Revivals.

Discreetly tucked away in the back of the Griffin Bookshop, it started off very small, but it’s been such a hit, with canny women finding designer fashion at tiny prices, that Revivals is now bigger and better!

The combination of brand new, ex-boutique stock and good quality, second-hand fashion items, at irresistible prices and sizes from 8-18, has created a demand that couldn’t be satisfied with its cupboard-sized incarnation! Revivals has been moved to a bigger spot within the Griffin Bookshop (gladly, without sacrificing shelf-space for all those lovely books) and you can now browse the bigger selection in roomy comfort.

Many women have been delighted to sell their unwanted fashion through Revivals – ring 289 393 904 to find how you can do it too. Five per cent of all Revivals sales proceeds are donated to ACCA, the charity that benefits underprivileged children throughout the Algarve.