Revitalise and live life to the full

By SOPHIE MCCARRICK [email protected]

Despite the Algarve’s picturesque backdrops, warm climate, enticing outdoor lifestyle and wide range of gastronomic delights, like people from all over the world, some residents in this idyllic area may sometimes also fall victim to depression, low self-confidence and develop unhealthy eating habits.

With the aim of combating these life-damaging ways and inspiring people to live a fulfilled life, a new initiative in the central Algarve, entitled ‘Your Wake Up Call’ is now helping those looking to revitalise their lives, live a more healthy and energised lifestyle.

Carin Carli is the woman behind this project and believes that the key elements to good health and an enjoyable lifestyle are healthy food, enough exercise, a non-toxic and pure daily routine, plus making essential time and space for relaxing and personal care.

Carin is an experienced health coach, detox expert, mindfulness trainer and massage therapist, who studied and practiced in Holland for many years, before moving to the Algarve last year.

“My healthy lifestyle journey began around 20 years ago, when I suffered from an eating disorder. After my health deteriorated, it was then that I really began educating myself about exercise and a balanced diet, which in turn, helped me to get out of the disorders I had been dealing with,” Carin told the Algarve Resident.

“From my own experience I know that life can sometimes be tough, but I have also learnt that you can ask for help. I now hope to combine my knowledge to help local residents going through similar situations to live a healthier way of life and not watch it pass them by,” she added.

Carin helps people by educating them about mind and body detoxing, the importance of confidence, how to feel comfortable in their own skin and more, through one-on-one coaching sessions, lessons and group workshops, generally in the Albufeira area.

She also organises various activities that focus on the strength and flexibility of both body and mind.

Carin said: “Life is too beautiful to let it slip through your fingers because of a lack of energy or confidence. If a person is mentally and physically fit and feeling well, everyday life becomes easier.

“Everyone deserves to be fit and feel energetic, as it creates happiness, and if a person is happy with themselves, they are more willing to take good care of their bodies, which in turn leads to good health,” she concluded.

Your Wake Up Call is now available for those looking to take responsibility for their own well-being.

For more information or answers to any health and wellness questions, please contact Carin on: 968 202 296 or email: [email protected] or visit: