Review of Faro’s reserved parking spaces

Faro’s new ruling executive is to review the number of reserved parking spaces in the municipality, which have accumulated over the years.

A detailed survey has revealed a total of 804 reserved spaces, which the Câmara says “have no reason for being”.

A spokesman from Faro municipality said: “It is important to get these spaces free to improve the turnover and movement of vehicles in the council and thus improving the economic activity.

“We must ensure that the reserved places are allocated carefully in accordance with the needs of people.”

All reserved parking spaces will be reviewed and reorganised.

The Municipal Traffic and Road Safety Commission will then assign them to people with reduced mobility, emergency units, official cars from public organisations, pharmacies, clinics, schools and hotels, in order of need.

“We hope to release hundreds of parking spaces as most of them appear to be unfairly attributed. Many of them are unoccupied during the day when residents are longing for a place to park their cars.”