Revamp plans revealed

news: Revamp plans revealed

Cascais’ coastal strip is to be transformed in time for next year’s summer season, after a multi-million euro investment from the local câmara. The works will brighten up the coastal areas and provide more facilities for walkers and bathers alike.

Cascais Câmara is planning several large-scale projects. Cyclists using the path between Guia and Guincho will be able to move with greater speed and safety from the beginning of next year, thanks to the construction of a new pedestrian walkway. The work is aimed at addressing a longstanding problem, namely overcrowding on the path at weekends, when it is used by cyclists, joggers, roller-bladers and mothers with prams.

Cascais Câmara President, António Capucho, says the pathway has become a victim of its own success. The walkway will also be fitted with drinking fountains and seating areas.

Capucho says that work will start in October, along with a 27.5 million euro project to improve four beaches between Carcavelos and São João do Estoril and restore the sea wall between São João and Cascais.

On the beaches, equipment and services will be improved and new pathways created. At Ponta do Sal, the promontory near the beach of São Pedro, authorities will build a new maritime centre set at 15 metres above sea level and within a three-hectare site. Capucho says the objective of the centre will be to “relate the story of the coastal area”. The forts at Guincho and Cadaveira will be renovated and new cafes opened.

A longer term plan is to divert the route of the Avenida Marginal to the north of its current direction, a plan that Capucho describes as still being at an early stage.