The Algarveans
Val Lefrere, Angela Theobold, Tracey Christiansen, Joana Jacob and Karen Barroso.

Rev up the ante – is it Nunsense?

The Algarveans’ latest show “excellent” despite light and sound issues

Of course, we all know who Ol’ Blue Eyes is, don’t we? To the uninitiated, it’s Frank Sinatra. But did you know he was from Hoboken, USA? Bet ya didn’t!

What’s that got to with “Nunsense”, the play performed last weekend by The Algarveans, do I hear you ask?

The play is centred around The Little Sisters of Hoboken, who are trying to manage a fundraiser. They need funds to enable them to bury the remaining four of their order who died of botulism. Raised your eyebrows?

OK, so did this show hit the spot?

Each nun certainly had their moment: Sister Mary Amnesia, played by Karen Barroso, was brilliant throughout but the puppet number stands out particularly, being cleverly rendered and very funny.

Val Lefrere as Sister Robert Anne shone as she finally got to stand centre stage for her solo – she looked like she really enjoyed developing her character.

The novice Mary Leo was played by Joana Jacob and her Dying Nun number was great fun to watch as was the Reverend Mother’s reaction to a “substance” she sniffed … Impossible to not react to someone who gets the giggles on stage and Tracey Christiansen as the Reverend Mother didn’t disappoint.

The Algarveans
Joana Jacob, Val Lefrere, Angela Theobold, Tracey Christiansen, Karen Barroso

Angela Theobold as Sister Mary Hubert had a great gospel toe tapper with Holier than Thou, which she sung with conviction and gusto.

And finally, musical maestro sister Mary Melodius, aka Shirley Devlin, led the sisters in their musical numbers magnificently.

Great set, simple but bright. Costumes were fabulous. Lighting left a little to be desired at times with characters being in dark spots, which was a bit frustrating, and the sound in the first act was very sketchy.

Lagoa’s Carlos do Carmo auditorium has been smartened up, with new seating, which is comfortable.

Was it a heavenly delight? Almost. Am I being a bah humbug? Maybe. But it’s the little things that make a difference.

The audience was encouraged to participate throughout which worked really well. Very well cast (and congratulations on those American accents), costumes and set were excellent – but, in all honesty, it was just let down a little by lighting design and mics not working properly.

Will I go to the next show? Oh, you betcha! Keep it up, Algarveans.

Review by KRIS TIQUE