Returning to the UK

Dear Editor,

Interesting article on Brits travelling and staying in the Algarve (story ‘Brits ignore Foreign Office travel advice … because it’s unfair’, August 6 edition).

Have you heard or done any research on people returning or travelling to the UK? The government website states that all such travellers must complete a Passenger Locator Form. I am aware of travellers not being asked for these by UK Border Patrol. Is the online form automatically captured by the UK authorities? If not, is this suggesting that those who land do not need to self-isolate?

On Friday and Sunday, I am aware of two travellers who were not challenged or asked for their forms at London Gatwick. Yet the website states the form is to be handed in.

Travelling the other way via easyJet, passengers are advised to complete the DGS locator form and yet again this is not collected.

I am sure that a lot of travellers are confused and trust that they will do the right thing.

Martin Dean