Restaurants raise €10,000 for Monchique Bombeiros

Four restaurants in Almancil – The Parrilla Natural, Gourmet Natural, Cocina Natural and Wild Fire Smokehouse & Grill – have raised €10,000 for the Monchique firefighters.

A charity night event was held at the restaurants on Saturday, September 17, with all proceeds going to the firefighters.

The donation was presented to the Bombeiros on Wednesday, September 28.

“It was a privilege to help the volunteer firefighters who have risked their lives putting out the Monchique fires,” the Natural Group, which runs the restaurants, said in a statement.

As the group pointed out, several firefighting vehicles were damaged battling flames in Monchique and are in need of repairs.

“The Bombeiros are also in constant need of financial support to operate which in turns keeps everyone safe. We truly appreciate their dedication and community care. They are the true heroes of Portugal and deserve support and recognition. Thank you.”