Restaurants can sign up for Rota do Petisco until June 30

Restaurants wanting to take part in the 10th Rota do Petisco gastronomic event, to be held between September 11 and October 11, can sign up until the end of June.

The event is a “gastronomic route” that has become hugely popular in the Algarve. It started in Portimão and initially featured a select number of restaurants serving tapas-sized dishes and desserts, expanding gradually to the rest of the region. Now, any eatery in the Algarve can sign up.

This year’s Rota do Petisco was due to be held in May but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Loulé Council has already confirmed that the municipality will be taking part in the event for the first time.

Teia d’Impulsos, the association that organises the event, says: “It is an event that celebrates the knowledge and flavours of the Algarve, which are reinvented for this event. Above all, it is an initiative that aims to promote local restaurants, businesses and the Algarve’s traditional gastronomy.”

Instead of cancelling this year’s event, the association wants to use the opportunity to help restaurants and businesses recover from the devastating economic impact caused by Covid-19.

“Rota do Petisco has always had a fundamental role in the cultural and gastronomic development of the Algarve and had a positive impact on thousands of establishments. However, this role is even more important this year as the event will contribute greatly to the Algarve’s economic recovery and the return of entertainment to the streets,” Teia d’Impulsos adds.

However, the safety of staff and clients will be a priority, the organisers assured.

“More than ever we feel the need to organise the Rota do Petisco,” the association says.

Restaurants, eateries and businesses interested in participating can sign up on the event’s official website.

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