Restaurants allowed to open until 1am from TODAY (June 11): government anticipates next stage of deconfinement

Restaurants in Portugal will be allowed to stay open until 1am starting today, June 11, three days earlier than originally announced by the government.

Portugal is starting the next stage of its emergence from lockdown earlier than planned, with the latest rules allowing restaurants to stay open until 1am and do away with timetable restrictions on commerce coming into force today (June 11) instead of Monday, June 14.

Struggling restaurant businesses have welcomed the move.

The new rules apply to every borough in Portugal except the four being “held back” (Lisbon, Braga, Odemira and Vale de Cambra) in the deconfinement plan.

The changes are as follows:

• Teleworking (working from home) is no longer mandatory but is recommended.
• Restaurants, cafés and pastry shops can welcome clients until midnight and continue working until 1am.
• Shops can stay open until the hours stipulated by their licences.
• Public transportation vehicles with only seated spots can operate at full capacity, while those with seated and standing spots can only operate at two thirds of their capacity.
• Cultural events can take place until midnight at half capacity. If taking place outside a venue, there must be reserved seats and social distancing rules must be respected.
• Sports venues such as football stadiums can operate at one third of their capacity. Amateur and youth events must have reserved seats.

Bars and discos will remain closed, parties and traditional celebrations are still prohibited and weddings can only go ahead at 50% capacity.

If all goes according to plan, from June 28, public transportation will be free of restrictions and Citizen Stores (Lojas do Cidadão) will be open to people without bookings.

In the boroughs held back in Portugal’s emergence from lockdown, teleworking is still mandatory (in activities where it is possible); restaurants, cafés and pastry shops must close by 10.30pm, cultural events have the same timetables as restaurants and stores must close by 9pm.

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