Restaurants against Covid Digital Certificates at weekends hear ‘vaccinated transmit Delta variant as much as non-vaccinated’

Restaurants in Portugal are still balking at government ‘rules’ that force them to ask clients to show Covid Digital Certificates to take-up reservations inside at weekends and Bank Holidays.

And the widespread antipathy got a welcome boost today as the United States’ CDC (center for disease prevention and control) officially acknowledged that vaccinated people when infected by SARS-CoV-2 transmit the virus at exactly the same rate as non-vaccinated.

On that basis, how can anyone justify prohibiting non-vaccinated diners from eating inside alongside the vaccinated?

For now these questions are not being answered. They haven’t even been posed. But it is enough that SIC television news has reported “infected vaccinated people transmit the Delta variant just as much as the non-vaccinated” to show the pointlessness of the rule.

The Delta variant is currently responsible for 95% of infections in Portugal. In other words,  infected vaccinated people will simply pass it to others (who may not be infected) when enjoying meals in restaurant interiors.

The Covid Digital Certificate will be ‘meaningless’ in terms of reducing infections. It will simply identify the carrier as someone who has been vaccinated/ has had a negative test or has had the virus and been vaccinated with one dose.

But it won’t stop transmission – which is the whole reason for limiting access by unvaccinated people to restaurant interiors at weekends.

As this reality trickles through, restaurant owners and managers are pushing the government to remove the need for clients to carry Covid Digital Certificates on the basis that the summer really hasn’t got long left to run: with restrictions on hours of opening due to go from Sunday, businesses just want the freedom to do what they do best: welcome people and give them a good time.

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