Monky restaurant

Restaurant reopens after fire breaks out; “We worked day and night” – owners

A restaurant in Faro has reopened just three days after being forced to temporarily close down due to a fire which broke out on Wednesday night (April 19).

Authorities were alerted to the fire at 9.04pm. No one was hurt as the restaurant was closed for its weekly day off.

Firefighters battled the blaze for around one hour and a half, reported Jornal de Notícias.

Monky, an Asian food restaurant located near the Moto Clube de Faro, operates on the ground floor of a residential building. According to JN, some residents had to leave their apartments, “as a precaution”, but returned when the fire was brought under control.

A total of 28 firefighters and police officers were on the scene, supported by nine vehicles.

The restaurant’s owners initially said that Monky would remain closed indefinitely, but as the damage was not as considerable as initially expected, they were able to reopen only three days after the blaze.

“Thank you for all the care, help and support in the last days. We worked day and night to recover everything we could as fast as possible. Room 2 and the remaining space will be recovered in due time,” the owners said, adding that the restaurant will be operating in its Room 1 and terrace.

“Now we move on with even more strength. In each challenge there is also a new opportunity.”