Restaurant launches burger challenge

A recently opened restaurant in Praia da Rocha is creating a buzz amongst local residents due to a special challenge for clients which involves eating a massive 1.4kg burger.

Opened in July, Gil’s American Diner is offering direct access to their very own ‘wall of fame’ to those who complete the daunting task of finishing the meaty XXL Empire State burger, which includes four 250-gramme burgers and weighs a staggering 1.4kg.

“The response from clients has been great,” owner Virgílio Martins told the Algarve Resident. “From children to adults, everyone talks about it and wants to be included in our wall of fame,” he added.

Costing €18,95 and also including bacon, an egg and a side of chips, the towering burger has so far been finished by only eight people, all of which were men. “We asked them to sign a picture with the burger and then put it in our wall of fame,” said Virgílio. Having worked in the construction business for several years, 47-year-old Virgílio had the idea of opening an American-style diner two years ago. He travelled to the USA for inspiration and opened the restaurant, complete with a jukebox and 1950s music and waitresses, in July.

“Around 70% of clients are local residents and they often come back and bring their friends along,”he said.