Rest in peace Bobby Moore

I very much doubt that on that memorable occasion in 1966, when you held aloft that prestigious trophy, that you ever imagined 40 years later the nation would be embarrassing itself by resting on its laurels, and continuously reminding puzzled foreigners, who weren’t born at the time, that England is a team to be reckoned with.

Well, rest in peace Bobby, because I assure you that it will be a long while before your immortal moment of glory finds itself in the archives on a dusty shelf covered in cobwebs. The pitch remains the same but the game has changed.

Yes, Bobby, our fearless crusaders bask in the glory and revel in the adulation, but rest assured no one has any intention of earning it.

Yes Bobby, our motley crew of overpaid underachievers were recently preparing for their finest hour with a five star holiday at the luxury beach resort of Vale do Lobo in the Algarve, spending a gruelling month at the taxpayers’ expense, sunning themselves next to a swimming pool, drinking ice cold margaritas with their families.

Yes Bobby, the sun is up, the parasols are up and our golden boys are preparing for yet another gargantuan effort by working hard not to sustain any pre-game injuries, god forbid anyone stubs his toe on the way to the bar.

Never mind playing the part, lets rejoice that our bronzed heroes will look the part when they arrive in Germany, and hope they don’t get too exhausted posing for the cameras. They should have plenty of time to acclimatise because the next World Cup in Germany is decades away.

It’s just a thought, Sven, but I wonder if Roger Federer takes Wimbledon as seriously? But then again, what do I know?

Simon, Alpiarça