Response from ASMAA to article ‘Anti-oil lobby under fire’

Dear Paulo Fernandes,
To put the record straight, ASMAA has never quoted you directly; all we did was publish on our site an article in its entirety, written by a journalist who interviewed you, the same way that she interviewed me as a representative of ASMAA.
We would indeed welcome a communication from you, with scientific facts (hopefully not backed and financed by the oil and gas industry) especially as you state that according to your understanding there are indeed oil and gas deposits in the Algarve offshore.
What I find interesting is your objection to us providing information about the risks, and advising people to do their own research and that, once informed, they should make up their own minds.
We are of the opinion that an informed population is indeed quite capable of reaching their own conclusions, and to make decisions based on what is best for them, their families and the environment once they have access to valid information.
What we do not accept is the veil of secrecy that exists around this issue and the attempts at misinforming the public about the risks.
To deny the risks that offshore drilling poses is indeed ludicrous, add to that the fact that more than 99% of the Portuguese do not stand to really gain from this initiative when and if it goes ahead in its current contractual form, but stands to face more austerity and deeper poverty. I am truly amazed that scientists such as you, who know the real facts, are in favour of this project. But it is your choice and we respect it.
Laurinda Seabra, CEO, ASMAA – Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association