Resort revamp

THE BEACH front at luxury resort Vale do Lobo is due to be revamped in an effort to improve its amenities and facilities, as well as to combat coastal erosion.

A detailed plan and a redevelopment project is due to begin soon, following an agreement between Vale do Lobo, Loulé Câmara, the regional hydrographical administration and regional development authority, CCDR-Algarve.

Improvements are due to be made to the already developed areas, including the plaza next to the beach. Leisure zones will be revamped and improvements will be made to the top of the beach where sun-beds are located. Traffic flow in the resort will also be reorganised and more pavements created, as well as more parking spaces.

The new plans are also taking into account the high levels of coastal erosion in Vale do Lobo and all the projects in progress are endeavouring to reduce this as much as possible.

A spokesperson for Loulé Câmara said: “Considering the value of Vale do Lobo to Loulé’s economic activities, the plan and project are of vital importance to the sustainability of one of the most sought after locations by tourists”.

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