Resort aims to stimulate senses

news: Resort aims to stimulate senses

THE AMORIM Turismo group has recently announced the opening of its first five star unit, The Lake Resort, in Vilamoura.

As Portugal is a country with a magnificent history, heritage and tradition, The Lake Resort renders a tribute to the glorious Portuguese Discoveries. Encouraging a new way of looking at the region’s tourism industry and its visitors, through a new attitude and unique experience, The Lake Resort aims to change people’s vision of the hotel industry in Portugal.

Amorim Turismo is also launching a new brand in the hotel market – ‘Blue & Green’ – which is inspired in the group’s straight relation with nature. The essence of ‘Blue & Green’ reveals a new attitude of its associates, as well as the projects that they will perform, based on sensations and emotions, thus challenging the clients to participate in a surprising trip through a world of experiences.

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