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Residents save stray dog

by INÊS LOPES [email protected]

Foreign residents in Carvoeiro came to the rescue of a local stray dog that had been taken to the municipal kennels and was close to being ‘put down’ after someone complained about his behaviour during the Tour of the Algarve race on Sunday.

It appears Radar, as the dog is known because of his long, pointy ears, had been barking and chasing after cyclists as they passed through the town and a complaint led to him being taken to the Lagoa municipal kennel.

However, a Carvoeiro foreign resident immediately visited the kennels to report interest in giving Radar a home while an appeal on the dog’s facebook page (‘Radar Street-Wanderer’), created and managed by local ‘friends’, helped raise funds to pay for him to be micro chipped and vaccinated against Rabies, some of the conditions to be released from the kennels.

Within a few minutes of making the appeal, dozens of people had offered to donate towards the vet bills as well as other care he may need in future. Local bars Rascal’s and Harry’s became collection points.

The ‘old boy’ is well known to the local community and tourists to the town because of his gentle, social nature. He is often seen outside the local bars being pampered by customers, who try to smuggle him into the establishments.

Many restaurants give him leftovers and he always seems to find somewhere to stay the night.

Radar’s new owner collected him from the kennels on Wednesday afternoon, but he will have to be on his best behaviour for the next few weeks!

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