Residents run for children’s charities

LOCAL residents Amanda Mortimer and Shirley Emílio are planning to run from one side of the Algarve to the other along the Algarve’s new Ecovia route over seven days in May to raise money for local charity ACCA and the UK’s Jane’s Appeal.

Shirley and Amanda are due to inaugurate their run with a fund raising concert and entertainment evening on May 2, and celebrities from both the UK and Portugal have been invited. The run itself is due to start from Vila Real de Santo António on May 4 and more than 30km per day will be covered with a support team following behind.

On reaching the Fortaleza (fort) in Sagres, the final 10km to Cape St Vincent will be open to the public. All runners, walkers and cyclists of all ages are welcome to join Amanda and Shirley as they run along the home stretch.

Their link with Jane and Mike Tomlinson began more than a year ago when the idea was being developed and, when Jane died in September, Amanda and Shirley said it strengthened their belief in what they were attempting.

Mike Tomlinson said: “When we first heard of Amanda and Shirley’s plans to run 215km across Portugal for the benefit of Jane’s Appeal, we were taken aback and then to discover they were planning to complete the distance within a seven day period, we were astounded”.

Jane’s Appeal raises money for cancer and children’s charities and ACCA raises money for local children in the Algarve to give them a better quality of life. Shirley and Amanda’s website is currently under construction.

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