Aerial view of the plot of land earmarked for development

Residents launch petition to stop massive development in Meia Praia

An online petition has been launched in a bid to halt a proposed project to build a massive development with hotels, holiday apartments and villas on a plot of land in Meia Praia (Lagos), just behind the Vila Galé resort.

Created by local association Miradouro da Luz, the petition calls for the project’s suspension on the basis that it “violates the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) of Lagos”.

It also states that “protection of the landscape and the panorama is a citizen’s right, as well as the aesthetic framework in the surrounding areas.”

Say the creators of the petition, “it is still not understood why the Municipal Master Plan of Lagos, with more restrictive limits in terms of (buildings’) heights, namely the number of floors, has been ignored” in the decision-making process that led to the “approval of the UOPG 3 Detailed Plan”.

As the Resident reported in January, residents fear the development could change Meia Praia’s landscape forever, replacing what is now a “vibrant plot of green with another wall of concrete”.

The project was also of slammed for “repeating the same mistakes of the past” by building near the Algarve’s already overloaded coast.

Locals also targeted the allegedly “secretive way” the project’s public consultation period started on January 15, with many unaware that the project was even moving forward (click here to read more about residents’ concerns).

The developer, however, responded that the project has been in the “public domain for 14 years and has always been subject to public scrutiny.” (click here)
The petition can be signed online until Thursday, April 15.

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