Residents ignore plea for action against crime

An appeal for support to set up a residents’ association has had a disappointing response, say the organisers.

The Algarve Resident of July 10 publicised the efforts of Vilamoura residents Carlos Raposo and António Rodrigues, who called for property owners in the area to join them to set up a residents’ association that would tackle problems affecting the area at government level.

Carlos Raposo said this week that the response had been disappointing. “The only response I received was an email from a gentleman unhappy with the way things worked in Portugal,” he said.

“I am disappointed because people often complain about problems but expect others to do the work for them.”

The two residents hoped several issues, such as crime, could be addressed with the local authorities through the association, and quality of life could be improved in an area that has always been known as a safe holiday destination.

If you are a resident in Vilamoura and would like to get in touch with Carlos Raposo (English speaker), please email