Residents’ fight against building project for Portimão conti

Controversy over a building project for an area of historical interest in Portimão continues, with the regional culture department saying that it will not affect the local archaeological heritage.

Residents living near the São Francisco Convent, who contacted the Algarve Resident recently to express their concerns over the project, are continuing with their fight to stop construction from going ahead (also read the Algarve Resident April 4 edition).

A spokesman from the Algarve Regional Culture Department, partly responsible for the approval of the project, told the Algarve Resident that the building would not affect the area’s archaeological heritage, as “we see no relationship between this construction and the archaeological factor”.

Also questioned by the Algarve Resident about the legality of the project, which, according to the residents, does not follow guidelines in the Municipal Master Plan (PDM), the spokesman said that “assessment of compliance with the PDM is the responsibility of Portimão Câmara. The project shows full conformity with the planning policy within the PDM.”

The spokesman concluded by saying that excavations and demolitions involved during building would be closely monitored by them as it was “one of the conditions imposed during the approval process”.

At the time of going to press on Wednesday, the Algarve Resident had still not been able to obtain a comment from Portimão Câmara.

Paulo Silvestre