Residents create more maps

Residents in the Cruz da Assumada area, near Loulé, have presented a map of the local area to Loulé GNR to help tackle rising crime and police response times.

The map shows house numbers, locations and GPS coordinates and was created after organisers heard about a similar scheme in Vale Telheiro (see the Algarve Resident edition February 26).

David Davies, a local resident who is currently helping to update another map to be given to the police, said: “So far, we are up to 111 houses in the area and already some of the property owners have put up new numbers to make their homes easily identifiable for police.

“The police were very appreciative of the map and the scheme has involved all members of the community – Portuguese, British, Dutch, everyone.”

For further information, or to ensure that your property is featured on the Cruz da Assumada map, please call David and Dagmar Davies on 289 413 106.