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Residents complain about  increase in parking fines

Some residents and business owners in Albufeira have claimed that GNR police are “abusing their authority” to fine drivers badly parked in the city.

A petition has been launched denouncing the situation and asking that the GNR police give greater attention to security and crime fighting in the city instead.

One of the promoters of the petition told Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã: “The number of fines has increased dramatically since the end of September 2010. The GNR police are acting in a way never seen before in the city. They fine for anything and there are not enough parking spaces. Instead of handing out parking fines, the police should be catching the criminals.” A spokesman from the GNR told the Algarve Resident: “In December 2010, we fined 207 drivers for bad parking and in January 465. There is an abusive parking attitude particularly on sidewalks. Everyone who parks illegally will be fined.”