Residential home approved

Permission to build a residential home for the physically and mentally handicapped pupils of the NECI special needs school in Praia da Luz has been granted by Lagos Câmara.

The new facility will enable those attending NECI (Núcleo de Educação da Criança Inadaptado) to be able to stay at the new home when their own families are unable to care for them.

Dra. Maria Eduarda Santos, president of NECI, told the Algarve Resident this week: “We do not know when the work will begin on the home because we do not, as yet, have sufficient funding to start the building.”

The home, when built, will be on a plot adjacent to the existing NECI school.

For further information about NECI or to make a donation, please call 282 788 692 or email [email protected]