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Resident contributor nominated for prestigious awards

RAOUL RUIZ Martinez, Resident contributor and financial adviser for euroFinesco s.a. fiscal and expatriate services, has been nominated for four Financial Times awards this year.

He was nominated for best financial planner, best post-retirement planner, best investment adviser and best newcomer.

“Our head office in Glasgow put me forward for the awards. I am over the moon with the nominations,” said Raoul Ruiz. “I think that my clients will benefit because they know that they are dealing with someone who knows what they are doing.”

These awards are conferred upon individuals and companies who are able to demonstrate via a 1,000 word electronic submission and up to five other items including client testimonial, their worthiness in up to any of 13 categories.

The actual awards ceremony, however, was cancelled because of the current economic crisis.

“Unfortunately, many financial related events were not done this year. It has been a very tough year,” said Raoul Ruiz.

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