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Reset yourself with the Bowen Technique

NAMED AFTER its innovator Tom Bowen, the Bowen Technique is a gentle, relaxing, complementary therapy that sends messages deep into the body. Therapists move over muscles and connective tissue, using their fingers and thumbs, to boost the body to retrieve cellular memory of a relaxed, balanced state. Results can be remarkable.

When the body goes through trauma, such as an accident or sporting injury, it goes into a downward spiral. Bowen helps to re-balance the body by initiating vibrations, which the body responds to, to reset itself by using its innate healing system. Although muscular skeletal problems, such as back or neck pain, account for the majority of Bowen clients, the technique has been widely used for asthma, migraines, infertility and reproductive problems. Even hay fever, eczema and psoriasis can be cured.

One of the most difficult elements to come to terms with is how little is seen to be done during a session. The client may leave having felt little or no improvement, however, the reactions to Bowen belie its soft and gentle appearance. The treatment initiates a cascade of beneficial changes and repairs that continue for several days. Stiffness, soreness and headaches are common, demonstrating that the brain has started the process of repair. Once begun, this process is rapid; it is not uncommon for pain to be reduced or resolved in two or three treatments, making Bowen not only effective, but cost effective as well.

A key element of Bowen is that between each set of moves, the therapist leaves the room for a few minutes to allow the client to rest. This is a defining aspect as well as one of the most important of the technique. After a Bowen move, the body’s response mechanism is thrown into confusion, therefore the rest period gives the nervous system a chance to decide what action to take in response to the moves given by the therapist.

Patrick Matthews, an ex-professional snowboarder, now Bowen therapist at Centro Médico in Carvoeiro, discovered Bowen after suffering a severe snowboarding accident. “My leg was badly damaged and instead of using ‘normal’ medical procedures, I went to a Bowen therapist. After 15 treatments, my leg was healed, I had no pain or restriction and was converted to Bowen.”

Patrick enrolled in a reflexology course in the US, went back to the UK for Bowen training and undertook a basic nutrition course. He has been practising Bowen Therapy in the UK for many years and in Portugal for the last three. “I had been looking for a doctor with an open mind to work with, which was very hard. In Dr. Ken I have found such a man.” Dr. Kenneth Vieira commented: “Patrick and I work well together. Between us, our patients always leave happy and healthy.”

Sessions last for about an hour. Patrick warns that after the first session, you may feel worse as your body realigns itself, but from then on you will feel better. Normally, after three or four treatments, you won’t need to come back, however, many clients do to enjoy the feeling of relaxation again.

An hour treatment with Patrick at Centro Médico in Carvoeiro costs 45 euros. For more information contact Patrick on 914 067 285, or to book an appointment contact Centro Médico in Carvoeiro on 282 350 780, fax 282 356 720 or e-mail [email protected]