Barragem de Bravura
´The Algarve's Barragem de Bravura is taking its time to fill up after 'hitting the bottom' in terms of capacity earlier this year

Reservoirs at 84% average water storage capacity, three at less than 20%

As of last week, Portugal’s reservoirs have an average storage level of 84%, albeit there are three still floundering at less than 20%. APA environment agency’s latest report explains that of the country’s 79 reservoirs, 48 have storage levels of between 81% and 100%, 13 have between 61% and 80%, six between 51% and 60%, two with 41% to 50%, seven 21% to 40% and three still struggling with less than 20%. These stragglers are Campilhas and Monte da Rocha, in the Sado hydrographic basin, and the Barlavento Algarve’s Bravura dam (running at only 12% capacity, in spite of all the wet weather since October).