Rescued turtle refuses to eat as Zoomarine urges fishermen to catch jellyfish

Rescued sea turtle finally served favourite snack – live jellyfish!

The giant leatherback turtle currently recovering at Zoomarine after being found trapped in fishing nets at Meia Praia beach, Lagos, (click here) has finally started eating.

The animal, weighing around 300kg, had been refusing to eat the frozen squid provided by the rehabilitation centre’s marine biologists, but finally accepted the live jellyfish that was caught by a fisherman from Barreiro.

Blood tests have since produced encouraging results and the turtle may soon be returned to the wild – and now with a name!

‘Quinas’ was the name chosen by around 1,000 people who voted for it after Zoomarine began accepting suggestions on Facebook – it accounted for 36% of all votes.
‘Quinas’ refers to the five blue shields featuring on the Portuguese flag.

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