Rescued horses update

In the December 12 2003 edition of The Resident, we reported how, in an unusual move, Christa Stocker-Seiler from Quinta da Palmeira Riding School had been granted temporary custody of six severely mistreated horses from the Portimão area. Following much public interest concerning their welfare, we contacted the riding instructor for an update. “They are doing brilliantly,” Christa cheerfully told us.

Christa still has custody of the horses and is waiting for the legal case relating to their mistreatment to be followed up by the authorities. Until that time she will remain responsible for the two mares, two stallions and two geldings that she rescued from their potentially deadly situation. “I am happy to be their full-time carer,” she explained. “But I’d like the situation to be resolved as quickly as possible, so we can concentrate on the horses’ future.”

Since their rescue two months ago, the horses have come on leaps and bounds, quite literally. “They are always jumping around now,” Christa told us. “They are full of personality and their improvement has been incredible to watch. Sadly, the mare with the open back wound is still not 100 per cent, but I am hopeful.” The other five horses are now in mint condition after receiving a complete health overhaul from Christa. They have new stables and regular check ups from both Silves Câmara and the local vet. Now, all Christa can do is wait for everything to be legally finalised so she can ensure a healthy future for the horses.

• To find out about Christa’s riding school, visit

• If you are witness to any form of animal abuse, contact Rui Moreira from the Equipa de Protecção da Natureza e Ambiente de Portimão, a division of the GNR, on 282 417 217.