Heading back now from Poland, Aljezur International School director Karen Whitten tells us

‘Rescue mission Ukraine’ on way home!

Convoy of vehicles has picked up designated refugees… and they all have homes to welcome them

The amazing convoy of mothers, fathers and all those in-between that set out from the Algarve last weekend, involving Aljezur International School’s intrepid directors, is on its way home, with all designated refugees buckled up in their seats, and homes ready and waiting to welcome them.

The Resident hopes to bring some of this heartwarming background story once everyone is back in the Algarve, safe and sound.

For now, their progress home can be followed on the Facebook page of Vila do Bispo firefighter Luís Catarino, whose idea this plan was at the outset.

To help fund this initiative, the bank details remain as follows:

Name: Sílvia de Oliveira Catarino
IBAN: PT50004587084035336755138

[email protected]