Request for help from Brazilian authorities “still to be made” over murder of Rodrigo Lapa

Two months since the man thought to be responsible for the brutal murder of Portimão teen Rodrigo Lapa fled to Brazil Portuguese authorities have still to formulate the rogatory letter that could lead to his capture.

According to reports in both Sol and Correio da Manhã, the letter that must be sent by Portuguese authorities before Brazilian counterparts start to act is still being formulated.

Meantime, the principal suspect in the case that shocked the nation remains “in parts uncertain” – every day very possibly working to his advantage.

Even more perplexing is the fact that the name of Rodrigo’s runaway former stepfather has suddenly changed.

In early reports he was named as Joaquim de Lara Pinto. Now he is being introduced as Joaquim Lara Ramos.

Pinto/ Ramos’ Facebook page has been wiped of postings recently, and his photograph removed.

Thus whether Brazilian police will ever find him – so many weeks after his flight into the country – remains to be seen.

CMTV reports that Rodrigo’s mother Célia Barreto has always denied involvement in her son’s brutal killing, but stresses her evidence has been full of contradictions (click here).

For now, social media pressure is intense. People want to see something happening to avenge the death of a boy who should have had the adventure of life ahead of him

Facebook posts on the community page: “Juntos pelo Rodrigo Lapa e por todas as Crianças” continue daily, with one on April 25 (Liberty Day) saying: “Because it is April 25 we all have the right to express our feelings, and explain our disgust!”

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