Reporters arrived before the PJ

By Cecília Pires

[email protected]

DESMOND TAYLOR, the man responsible for the design and building contracts for Casa Liliana, Jennifer and Robert Murat’s house at Praia da Luz, has told The Resident how he was surprised to see, on television, the villa he built being searched by Polícia Judiciária (PJ).

“I was very surprised. I know Jenny (Murat) and I know the house,” he said. However, “I didn’t know Jenny had a son”.

He continued: “The next morning I called the PJ, because I thought I could eventually help in the searches. After all, I designed and built that house for the previous owners two years before it was bought by Jenny.”

According to Mr Taylor, in his first call to the PJ, ”they answered that they already knew what I had to say” and, apparently, ignored it. Surprised, he decided to ask his maid to call Lagos police, which she did at 10am. “They took the message and said someone would contact me later; at around 2pm, a reporter from a newspaper was calling me, in my house! I asked the reporter how he managed to get my name and telephone number and he said that the PJ had given it to him,” said Desmond Taylor. What he could not understand was why the police still had not contacted him.

The next morning, at around 8am, “I had five TV stations parked outside my house,” said Mr Taylor, adding that the “number raised to seven” later that day. “And still no news from the police,” he said.

Three days after he saw the news on the search at Casa Liliana, “a car stopped in front of my house and I thought the people inside were journalists,” he said. “They came over to me and said they were from the Polícia Judiciária and that they would like to know what I had to say (about Murat’s villa).” …

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