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Dear Editor,

Firstly he says he read with dismay my remarks… He is entitled to be dismayed, as I am entitled to voice my views, that is the nature of a democracy and freedom of speech. My point is, why have these airport disruptions started in peak season, where the maximum number of people will be inconvenienced? Wouldn’t it have made sense to start a new project in October for example? 

He has used the Airport on many occasions… My point is that I work in the tourist industry and use the airport daily! I feel there is a massive difference between using the facility regularly or occasionally. Good for you, giving full marks to Faro – you are easily pleased Sir! 

He says over the last few months a record number of people have visited Portugal (I agree) and 99% love the country (actual statistic analysis gleaned from where exactly? I’ve never seen a poll published with these figures)

I would agree that a vast majority love the place, but again my point is the growing number who won’t come back because of various reasons. Crime, unnecessary inconveniences and perhaps a first impression as they come through the Airport… That is my point!

He refers to my points about the GNR. Sorry Mr Armstrong, but the GNR are in uniform and therefore should behave accordingly.

Martin Brown, By email