Augusto Santos Silva, foreign affairs minister Photo: MIGUEL A. LOPES/LUSA

Repatriated nationals land in Lisbon from Ukraine via Moldova, Romania

The operation to repatriate the first 38 Portuguese and Portuguese-Ukrainian citizens from Ukraine, who left that Eastern European country due to the Russian invasion, was concluded late on Monday night with their arrival in Lisbon.

Speaking to journalists at Humberto Delgado Airport, Portugal’s minister of foreign affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, explained that “two groups crossed the border from Ukraine to Moldova and then headed to Romania, where they converged.

“From Romania, from Bucharest, it was possible to organise an air connection and that is the one that now ends,” he said.

Santos Silva also indicated that some people had remained on Romanian soil.

“Some of them stayed in Romania, namely the ambassador [in Ukraine], the military … and other embassy staff, who are staying in Romania, while there are no conditions for them to return to Kiev,” the minister said.

Source: Lusa