Renting your property is a win-win situation

By: Tony Van Aken

During 2012, Portugal has been a major destination for holiday homes rentals. Even during the economic crisis, the results in this country have been very good, with bookings growing approximately 17%. This is due to the combination of destinations and holiday homes that we were able to recruit during the past two years.

The Algarve, a traditionally touristic region, has wonderful features including its quiet sandy beaches, excellent weather and environment. It is truly a top area, with more than 60% of the bookings that are generated by the holiday home rentals sector in Portugal being for this region.

In the Algarve, the favourite town for tourists is Albufeira. The city is the ‘gateway’ to the Algarve, with visitors recognising that the diversity of touristic activities that can be found there makes it a perfect place for spending their vacations.

Interhome believes that the Algarve region has the potential to continue developing and, as a result, it is looking forward to a positive trend for the holiday home rentals  business in 2013.

Visitors are looking for a place where they can enjoy their holiday with their families, without worries, enjoying perfect weather and this can be found in the Algarve.

Top 4 reasons why we recommend you rent your holiday home:

• Having the house occupied will help its maintenance. The areas that are regularly used are better preserved than those which are not. If you rent your property, you must maintain it on a regular basis to be ready to welcome new visitors. Also if you have guests staying on a regular basis, any issues that arise in the house will be more easily detected and can be resolved earlier.

• Better than a traditional contract. Rent your apartment through websites like Interhome, which lets you choose the dates that the house will be available, and you can continue enjoying your second home during your vacation. It is a great alternative to other more traditional holiday opportunities, which force you to make your property available 365 days a year to other people.

• Investing in your home will also provide investment in your business. If you make your house available to visitors and tourists, your second home will become your business. Therefore, if you invest in your home you will also be investing in your business. Look at it this way: if you buy a new TV, your home will attract new holidaymakers, and you will have better return on your investment. At the end, you would also enjoy your new screen when you occupy the home. A situation in which everyone wins!

• No fear! We don’t want to end this short list of tips without commenting that there is nothing to be afraid of. Renting an apartment or house for weeks, through established companies with international experience, is very common in Portugal.

Convinced? Now that you know all the benefits of vacation rentals, we suggest you contact Interhome. With over 46 years’ experience, Interhome is one of the best platforms you can find to rent your house. Let us help you make the most of your investment.

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Interhome’s contact in Portugal: During 2010, Interhome increased its presence in Portugal. It was also in that year that Tony Van Aken joined the company as Portugal’s Business Developer. Since then Interhome has doubled the number of bookings with his product and area knowledge (see advert on page 3 for contacts).