Renovations at Loulé hospital

AN APPEAL for funds to resume the renovation of Hospital da Misericórdia de Loulé  was made last week by the president of Loulé Câmara, Seruca Emídio, when he met with representatives from the Ministry for Health.

The renovations began in March 2005, but were halted just six months later.

An agreement had been made between the private hospitals of Portugal and Loulé Câmara to create a health centre, with an investment cost of three million euros.

The plans included both a public and private wing, but the governing board at Faro District Hospital decided to retract its agreement to permanently occupy 15 beds in September of last year.

The State then said that it could only pay 35 euros per day per bed, instead of the originally agreed amount of 75 euros.

By this time work had already begun to renovate the 15th century building. The private hospitals of Portugal deemed the project economically unviable.

Seruca Emídio is still determined to continue the renovations, but the building will become a public medical centre only and the plans for a private wing with 26 beds have been suspended.