Renovated Peacock’s Grill & Bar introduces “new concept”

Monte da Quinta’s Peacock Grill & Bar has introduced a “new concept” for 2016, including changes to its venue and menu, and promises of more “surprises”.

Executive Chef Roeland Klein explained Peacock’s kitchen has also been renewed, allowing guests to not only “choose their meat and seafood from our display, but also experience the preparation process and see all the fresh ingredients we use”.

Klein added that the menu includes “dry, aged meats and fresh seafood” but also some “unexpected dishes like eggplant purée and stuffed mussels”. Local ingredients are used “as much as possible”.

The restaurant was also extended to include a glass-enclosed terrace designed for winter, which provides an “al fresco feeling even on colder days” while still feeling “cosy”.

It also has a new lounge, where drinks and “delicious bite-sized” dishes will be served during summer. To book call +351 289 000 380.