REN blames ministry

National Electrical Company, REN, went back on their word and failed to attend a meeting on October 12 at the Environment Ministry in Lisbon with representatives from Silves Câmara and the residents affected by the pylons (see The Resident, October 12).

Sérgio Santos, one of the representatives of the local residents affected, said: “REN now blames the Environment Ministry for the plans of where the pylons will be erected. The Ministry was very open with us and said that they could see no problem with our alternative proposal for where the pylons could be erected further north in the hills.”

During the meeting with the Director of the Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, the Portuguese Environment Agency, it was revealed that REN had conducted an economical study of the proposed northern route; however the company had not requested an environmental study due to the cost.

“Construction of the pylons is now continuing at an accelerated rate and the Environmental Ministry is waiting for REN to present a new proposal” said Sérgio Santos.

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