Removal of capsized dredge in Olhão delayed due to strong tides

It’s been over one week since a dredge capsized near Armona, Olhão, but attempts to remove it have been unsuccessful thus far and further tries have been delayed until next week (January 31) due to strong tides.

Port captain Nunes Ferreira has told reporters that the “specialised company that was hired by the dredge’s owner to remove it has not been successful and has faced several problems”.

During one of the attempts to salvage the dredger, two large floatation balloons said to weigh around 20 tons were ruined.

The good news is that no fuel is believed to have leaked out of the dredge. Maritime police will continue to monitor the dredge until it is finally removed.

Nunes Ferreira added that there is a 500-metre exclusion zone around the dredge where other vessels cannot navigate.

The 80-metre long dredge overturned on January 16 when it was carrying out a sand nourishment operation.

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